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Alexander C. Gomez is a scammer, a liar, and an overall despicable human being.

Inspiring Thoughts

This is a work in progress, proudly sponsored by Gomilab I.T Solutions!

Please feel free to email corrections, updates, if you would like me to remove your mention in a screenshot, or anything else to The only people I intend to offend are Alexander C. Gomez and Matthew Thompson.

Update 2022-06-21: Final update?

A former employee of Dune has returned to the Discord channel and has announced that Alexander C. Gomez has fled to Bali. He is ignoring everyone. Shopify has terminated the website.

All users that have been banned from the Discord have been unbanned. Alexander C. Gomez cannot delete the Discord, as he is not the owner.

If you paid for expedited shipping, DO A CHARGEBACK NOW. Don't wait, start it IMMEDIATELY. You're supposed to email Dune and request a refund first, but you should have done that six months ago.


1. Report Dune Case LLC for fraud to:

U.S. Federal Trade Commission:
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation: International Scam Reporting:
Internet fraud agencies/websites in your own country
Hong Kong Police:
PayPal (backers that paid for a case or shipping with the platform)
FaceBook (for fraudulent storefront and ads)
Instagram (for fraudulent ads)

Update 2022-05-03:

I have received an email from an individual that has voluntarily severed ties with Alexander Gomez and the Dune scam. As this person seems truly remorseful, and -- in my opinion -- did nothing to damage backers' standing that Alex and Matt hadn't already done hundreds of times over, I have made the decision to remove mention of him from this site.

Good luck and Godspeed, sir.

Update 2022-04-22: Bali Kitchen Remodel on the Dune Dime

I'm sure the dates on these are just a massive coincidence.

Kitchen Remodel

Update 2022-04-21: Happy Duneiversary!

🎉 Welcome to the epic two and a half year D U N E I V E R S A R Y !!!

🍔 On this day 2.5 years ago, Dune launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on October 21, 2019.
🍉 Exactly four months ago today, Dune launched its new website and Shopify store on December 21, 2021 allowing backers to pay for “expedited shipping” services, including a premium $349 “fast courier” option and $99 “expedited container” upgrade.
🦏 It was exactly three months ago today on January 21, 2022 that the shipment of 93 “fast courier” was promised when in reality only 15 actually shipped and were delivered—all without the Dice-Y front cover which was the primary reason for the project.
💩 It has now been two months since production and shipping was supposed to resume after Chinese New Year, though there has not been a single bit of proof that anything has happened.
🤡 It has been exactly one month ago today that Alexander Gomez last provided any information in this discord on March 21, 2022.

Dune has only managed to deliver a total of 26 cases total in two and a half years after spending $1,300,000 in crowdfunding funds. Alex and Dune continue to blame the lack of progress on shipping costs in public comments, despite the fact that over 500 backers have paid Dune for upgraded shipping estimated at over an additional $90,000.

🤡 To this date there is no evidence that a new “factory” or assembly staff even exist. At this point, the project is essentially a scam and all but dead, and every single backer who paid for expedited shipping should immediately dispute the charges and get their money back asap.

Rot In Hell

Update 2022-04-13: Dune Facts Updated

Update 2022-04-12: Alex has finally deigned to speak to backers!

tl;dr: Nothing has changed, there are no cases, and Hong Kong is nice this time of year.

More to come as I get time to process the 2 hours of nonsense that Alex was able to condense into a 30-minute Q&A session.

Update 2022-04-08: Dune Facts Updated

Update 2022-04-06: Dune Hiding Indiegogo Comments

Update 2022-04-05: Dune Facts Updated

Update 2022-04-04: Dune caught in a lie?

Update 2022-04-01: Added the audio of Alex laughing at the terminally-ill patient ever getting his case and obfuscated some screenshots.

Super Duper Update: New Dune Facts!

Update 2022-03-31: Matthew Thompson has left the Discord server!

Good riddance

Good riddance, you smarmy git.

Update 2022-03-30: This is fun!

Update 2022-03-29: Added a gallery.

Update 2022-03-28: Matthew Thompson responds in Discord!


The Players

Alexander Chan Gomez

Meet Alex. He came up with the great idea of stealing Apple's case design for the Mac Pro and selling it to PC enthusiasts.

He tried this once before, with the "trash can" Mac Pro design. Fortunately, his Kickstarter campaign failed due to not meeting his funding goals. Unfortunately, he didn't learn anything useful from this.

For this second attempt, he switched to Indiegogo. He successfully raised $1.3 million less than six months before COVID-19 surfaced. He then calculated how much profit he anticipated making and proceeded to spend it on vacations in the Maldives and Bali and on exotic sports cars.

Hard at work

Alexander Chan Gomez, hard at work building the Dune Pro PC Case.

The Crimes of Alex

  • In May of 2021, in order to convince Indiegogo to release more funds, Alex lied to backers and said that the first 600 cases had been picked up by his third-party logistics provider. He was then able to successfully change the project status to "Shipping" and obtain the next set of funds. In reality, he had not completed any cases and was still attempting to rectify glaring design errors.

Not empty

These boxes are full, trust me. No, I won't open them to take a picture. Why don't you trust me?

Shipping "verified"

Shipping ✌verified✌

  • During the beginning of the Chinese virus lockdowns, Alex repeatedly used their existence as a reason that production of a case that was originally ready for shipment months earlier was on hold. After the lockdowns started ending, the global shipping crisis began to emerge. In order to have an excuse to not deliver hundreds of cases that he lied about building, Matt posted a poll to Indiegogo backers -- intentionally vaguely worded -- that asked for permission to deliver mainland Chinese backers their cases before Europe/North America backers received theirs. In this poll, he made no mention of the shipping crisis. The few backers that responded disagreed with what appeared to be an attempt by Alex and Matt to favor Chinese backers.

Not misleading at all

No mention of shipping delays. Alex and Matt used the results of this poll for months as an excuse to not deliver mainland China backers their cases. In reality, they had no cases to deliver.

  • Alex invited someone to tour his production factory one day. That person apparently leaked information about the poor state of affairs to a "small YouTuber". Alex then attempted to smear the YouTuber in the Discord. Since then, everything the YouTuber has said about the lack of funds, poor quality control, and general mismanagement has turned out to be true.

  • In an effort to buy himself more time, Alex decided to "randomly" draw ten names and ship them the cases they had ordered. He called them the "Lucky Ten". The cases shipped months late, were missing parts, and had terrible quality control issues. The cut for the air holes on the Dice-Y front panel was sharp enough to slice through skin. Mounting screws were missing. Bend radii were out of tolerance. Alex's response was to insult the backers that had issues with their cases.

    There is no sign that the choices were random.

  • When a backer (P) that claimed to be terminally ill with a few short months to live asked for more accurate data on when he could expect his Dune Pro PC case, Alexander Gomez suggested that he take a "leap of faith" and pay another $350 and hope that his case was delivered before he died. Another backer (J), taking pity on him, sent him the case that he had spent another $350 on. Alex later banned J for merely posting a picture of a case that looked somewhat similar to the Dune Pro case design that Alex stole from Apple.

  • When asked in a Q&A about the possibility of P getting his case or a refund, Alex laughed at the question. Eventually, after being pressed, Alex gave a half-hearted apology. Even after hearing the audio, Matt continued to defend Alex.

  • When Indiegogo finally got fed up with continued complaints from backers about Alexander Gomez's lies, they made the decision to suspend the campaign and refund as many backers as possible with the remaining funds withheld from Alex. Alex's response to this is to bluster about suing Indiegogo; in order to do so, he would need to pay the necessary legal costs using backer funds.

  • During a recent Q&A, Alex admitted that his latest attempt to fulfill his obligations would be a Ponzi scheme, in which he could take funds from retail pre-orders of the case to pay for the increased shipping costs of existing backers.

    This is illegal. Alex doesn't care.

  • Alex created a site where existing backers could pay $100-$350 to have their case shipped via expedited cargo or courier. Shortly after the site was functional, Alex's visa expired and he was forced to leave for Hong Kong. He continued to sell expedited courier options, despite knowing that he would be unable to supervise assembly or shipping of the cases that would be departing. As a result, none of the cases included Dice-Y front panels, despite being ordered with them. 90 cases were promised to be delivered; less than 20 were. All were missing components. Several were physically damaged.

    Alex's response was to blame backers, UPS, his employees, his factory supervisor, and global warming.

Alexander Gomez is currently on vacation in Hong Kong living off of backer funds. He has been there since December of 2021.

Accomplice 1: Matthew Thompson

Matty T.

Matthew Thompson, Director of Customer Relations


Coming soon.

Only two delays

Terms and Conditions Breach

False Rumors

Let's make the container happen

No Refund Discussion!

We have plenty of money, but send more!

Plastic bags.

Almost a year ago

My full-time job!

Other clients

Where Your Money Goes


I Love Bali!


Bonus screenshots!

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He still hasn't received a case.

Dune Facts

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