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Dune Caught in a Lie?

April 4, 2022

Matthew Thompson's replacement posted some pictures purported to be from the new factory. One of the pictures included a stack of components protected by newspaper. Eagle-eyed Discord user For Science noted that the paper was dated April 25, 2021 -- nearly a full year ago.

What is more likely: that Dune used pristine newspaper from 11 months ago, or the photos were taken 11 months ago?


Newspaper dated April 25, 2021

Also in today's "update":

Another question I had is what happened to the cases that were with the 3PL. This was a miscommunication between me and the team. The cases were recalled and are now in the factory being QC checked as the 3Pl did not pack them up properly so some are damaged. Very sorry, should've confirmed before.

We do have an estimate but do not want to put it out there just yet. Please just keep in mind after the move of the factory we now have many parts that need to be QC checked.

I would love to but there are many things that can't be public and must remain private within Dune. I do think that if we released the meetings to the community it would not be any more open than what the Q&A's are or what I am telling you on here.

The issue is that in the transport to our new factory there were damages done, it was not transported properly and was frankly not packed up well. We don't want to get to the stage where we are assembling more cases but with faulty parts.

A few cases were damaged here and there in transport. This meant that we decided to check every case for defects.