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Dune Facts - Updated 1 April 2022

  1. It has been over 29 months or 894 days since crowdfunding for Dune Pro on Indiegogo began on October 21, 2019.
  2. The crowdfunding campaign raised $1,304,142 USD with over 4,293 backers (according to There are also a staggering number of buyers who have purchased the case directly from Dune at since December.
  3. Dune Pro's original goal was January 2020 which Alex & team achieved with flying colors and has met every self imposed deadline since then (post-Chinese New Year 2020, June 2020, Nov 2020, May 2021, etc.)
  4. Cases are in every backers' hands to date.
  5. Alex successfully produced 300 to 600 standard edition cases in May/June 2021 which backers thought was just a number of stacked boxes at the factory which appear to be empty.
  6. Even after the rough start to the "shipping process" in late May 2021, the 'Lucky 10' were triumphantly sent on November 27, 2021.
  7. According to Alex, due to all the mean shipping companies, the only way Dune can ship right now is to pay them (directly at for "upgraded" shipping: $350 for fast courier service -or- $99 for an expedited container spot, which would require 240 backers each to pay to North America and Europe, respectively. This "service" was made available on December 21.
  8. Every single $350 "fast courier" order shipped by January 21 with the magical Dice-Y cover that was part of the original project orders/perks for these backers.
  9. Every domestic (Chinese) order was fulfilled along with several full expedited and normal containers to North America, Europe and the Rest of the World™️ .
  10. Alex shipped the Lucky 10 care packages promptly and they continue to sing praises and give adulation to their one true god.
  11. Alex has continued to amaze by shipping new orders within 3 working days.
  12. Alex has shown the doubters that he can scale up to produce cases quickly to 20,000 cases per month, and is 100% transparent on what inventory of parts he has on hand, and the quality of those parts.
  13. Alex has also provided full financial transparency and accountability for Dune, including documentation on how the campaign funds have been spent to date or what assets Dune has.
  14. Indiegogo recently elevated the Dune campaign/project to its highest tier of achieving crowdfunding campaigns and considers it a veritable model of success and poster child of the IGG spirit.
  15. The return and refund rate for the Dune Pro is less than 0%
  16. Alex continues new sales at an outstanding pace and is soon looking to ship its 100,000th Dune Pro.
  17. Alex is currently in mainland China where the Dune assembly space is located. Xi Jinping has granted Alex permanent residency status and honorary citizenship for glory he has brought to the PRC with Dune Pro. Furthermore, Shenzhen has awarded him the keys to the city.
  18. Dune now has 4,000 employees and multiple factory spaces throughout southeast China, and soon hopes to open production facilities in Indonesia, the Seychelles and Australia.
  19. Alex has single-handedly cured COVID through the Power to Choose™️.
  20. Dune will soon be venturing out into new product lines, including mATX and ITX cases, monitors, toasters, air fryers and CPAP machines.
  21. Today--April 1, 2022--Alex announced that each and every loyal IGG backer will be given a very special backer gift: round-trip tickets to Hong Kong to join him, Matt Thompson, and Wyl on a 14-day all-expenses-paid luxury cruise from HK to Bali on the Princess Cruiselines flagship Ronald McDonald with special musical guests the Village People with unlimited watermelon and catering from Alex's favorite restaurant!