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Dune Facts

This list has been carefully cultivated by a valued member of the official Dune Discord. He has no affiliation with this site whatsoever. I am more than happy to remove this list from the site at his request, should he do so in the Discord channel. Alex and Matt have each independently confirmed this list's accuracy.

The latest version of the Dune Facts is always available at

Alex, your decision to delete this list and ban it from being posted in Discord is what prompted me to finish this site and put it online.

Updated 13 April 2022

  1. It has been almost 2.5 years -- 29+ months or 906 days since crowdfunding for Dune Pro on Indiegogo began on October 21, 2019.
  2. The crowdfunding campaign raised $1,304,142 USD with over 4,293 backers (according to There is also an unknown/unrevealed number of buyers who have purchased the case directly from Dune at since December.
  3. Dune Pro was originally promised by January 2020 will many subsequent "official" shipping dates since then (post-Chinese New Year 2020, June 2020, Nov 2020, May 2021, etc.)
  4. Only 26 cases are known to be in backers' hands to date.
  5. There is no verifiable proof of the 300 to 600 standard edition cases supposedly assembled in May/June 2021.
  6. Even though Alex claimed to have started shipping in late May 2021 with 300 cases sent to a 3rd party logistics (3PL) company, no actual cases are verified to have physically shipped until the 'Lucky 10' were sent on November 27, 2021.
  7. According to Alex, given the current shipping environment the only way Dune can ship right now is to pay them (directly at for "upgraded" shipping: $349 for fast courier service -or- $99 for an expedited container spot, which would require 240 backers each to pay to North America and Europe, respectively. This "service" was made available on December 21, 2021.
  8. Alex has provided NO plan for shipping to the remaining backers who don't pay extra other than to wait it out.
  9. Only 15 of the $349 "fast courier" orders which Alex has claimed shipped by January 21 are known to have been delivered and all of them are MISSING the Dice-Y cover that was part of the original project orders/perks for these backers. Hundreds of "fast courier" and "expedited container" purchases remain unfulfilled almost 4 months later.
  10. Only a single (1) case has been delivered to a domestic (Chinese) backer, where shipping costs/logistics should not be an issue. (Dice-Y cover was missing as well).
  11. Alex has not yet shipped the Lucky 10 care packages nor the missing Dice-Y covers to the fast courier backers.
  12. In late January, Alex claimed production and shipping would recommence after CNY starting February 13, but then weeks later said the Dune "factory"/assembly facility needed to be moved and new workers hired. NO PROGRESS has been shown on anything in the last 12 weeks except for Alex trying to pass off old photos from 2021 as current activity.
  13. Alex now claims that the 60 "fast courier" cases supposedly with the 3PL since CNY were "recalled" but are damaged and all need to be unboxed/inspected before they can be shipped.
  14. Alex is not currently in mainland China where Dune production is located. His business visa expired in December and he has not yet obtained a new Chinese visa.
  15. Alex recently hired a new "Communications Manager" to replace Matt who has provided no new information.
  16. Alex has not shown that he can scale up to produce cases quickly and on-demand, and has provided no numbers on what inventory of parts he has on hand, and the quality of those parts.
  17. Alex has also not provided any proof of the financial status of Dune to know whether or not this project can stay alive much longer, or documentation on how the campaign funds have been spent to date or what assets Dune has.
  18. Alex claims he needs new sales of the case in order to be able to produce and ship current pledges and orders.
  19. Indiegogo has suspended the Dune campaign/project and said it is currently under review.
  20. Indiegogo was providing refunds to backers for a short window until 26 January 2022, when they announced that "the majority of the funds for this campaign have already been disbursed to the campaign owner and all remaining funds held by Indiegogo have now been used to refund backers."