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Happy Duneiversary!!!

April 21, 2022

🎉 Welcome to the epic two and a half year D U N E I V E R S A R Y !!!

🍔 On this day 2.5 years ago, Dune launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on October 21, 2019.
🍉 Exactly four months ago today, Dune launched its new website and Shopify store on December 21, 2021 allowing backers to pay for “expedited shipping” services, including a premium $349 “fast courier” option and $99 “expedited container” upgrade.
🦏 It was exactly three months ago today on January 21, 2022 that the shipment of 93 “fast courier” was promised when in reality only 15 actually shipped and were delivered—all without the Dice-Y front cover which was the primary reason for the project.
💩 It has now been two months since production and shipping was supposed to resume after Chinese New Year, though there has not been a single bit of proof that anything has happened.
🤡 It has been exactly one month ago today that Alexander Gomez last provided any information in this discord on March 21, 2022.

Dune has only managed to deliver a total of 26 cases total in two and a half years after spending $1,300,000 in crowdfunding funds. Alex and ---- continue to blame the lack of progress on shipping costs in public comments, despite the fact that over 500 backers have paid Dune for upgraded shipping estimated at over an additional $90,000.

🤡 To this date there is no evidence that a new “factory” or assembly staff even exist. At this point, the project is essentially a scam and all but dead, and every single backer who paid for expedited shipping should immediately dispute the charges and get their money back asap.

Rot In Hell