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Gomilab is a privately owned Software Development Company based in Hong Kong, with other offices located in Australia, Canada, and US. We provide onshore-offshore development model with our own development center based in China and India.

Our development center has many technical consultants with expertise in various technologies, processes and industry domains. We provide services such as Custom Application Development Software Product Development, Technical consultancy, Network security, Project Management, SQA, Web Development, Mobile Solutions,and Ecommerce Development.

At Gomilab, our concept of Customer Service is paramount. With a heritage that has been at the forefront of Software Development Outsourcing and IT Consulting best practice for over many years, Gomilab is a clear market leader.


At Gomilab we love to delight our customers by providing the best possible service. We don't over sell and we never make promises we can't keep. We are altruistic and always honest with our customers regardless of whether it is in our interest to do so.


Gomilab’s offshore development facilities make us significantly less expensive than any local software development company. Our extensive experience and specialisations ensure that Gomilab software development is cost efficient and extremely high quality.

World Class Talent

Our passion is technology and we take pride in our vast technical capabilities. Our recruitment standards are of the very highest level, with the minimum level of a developer’s commercial experience being set at four years. The majority of our developers are educated to Masters Level. Quite simply, Gomilab employ the best that there is.

Technology Leadership

Gomilab are always at the cutting edge of new developments within the information technology industry. Customers can be confident that our choice of development methodologies and technologies is always at the forefront of current knowledge and based on many years of real world experience.

Long Term Relationship

Gomilab strives to build long-term relationships with our customers. Listening to clients and working with them closely is paramount to our process. We are devoted to software building. Our main fundamental guiding principle is to deliver highest quality software on time, every time to our customer’s complete satisfaction.